Case Study: 02 1948 XO PX Brandy Cask Finished


APPROACH: CASE STUDY: 02 | 1948 is the second release from the Frank August 'Case Study' program, a reflection of our intention to reconsider and evolve the identity of bourbon whiskey. This successional release continues to be an exploration of various finishing and blending techniques to create some of the most unique experimental expressions of bourbon whiskey in the world.

STORY: The 10 beautifully rare brandy casks that CASE STUDY: 02 were finished in, were first filled in 1992 with very old Pedro Ximenez for 17 years. They were then dumped and immediately refilled with extra old Pedro Ximenez from 1948 for an additional 13 years. 30 years of considered and incomparable aging, before they made their way into our hands in Kentucky. Still 'wet' we immediately filled them with hand selected barrels of Frank August Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. From there, we began tasting them every 30 days for an undisclosed amount of time until each barrel reached the ideal taste and flavor profile we are proud to now introduce.

APPEARANCE: A deep auburn with viscous legs that decorate the glass.

NOSE: Opens with notes of baked peaches and dark chocolate, before hints of allspice and oak gradually present themselves.

PALATE: Sweet entry with subtle spice that builds. Well balanced flavors of fruit, spice and brown sugar begin to develop with a viscosity that is rich and warming. Notes of brandy are clearly present, but restrained, and don't dominate the senses.

FINISH: Full and bright with a medium finish that lingers just enough. At 101.0 proof, the finish is warm and beautifully balanced.