Single Barrel Cask Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


APPROACH: This is Frank August's 2nd release of hand-selected single barrels from their growing library of some of the most beautiful Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey available today. With this release, the brand has continued to leverage their unparalleled relationships with some of the most respected and discerning master distillers and master blenders in the industry, by enlisting them to help identify the very best 15 single barrels in their collection. Through this collective process, each hand hand-selected barrel was bottled at cask strength, sitting between 114.6 - 125.4 proof and are 6.1 years old.

APPEARANCE: A deep auburn with full, viscous legs that glaze the glass.

NOSE: Frank August's Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon opens with a range of beautiful baking spices and notes of oak and fruit, before elements of vanilla and cacao begin to present themselves.

PALATE: The baking spices are more pronounced, with cinnamon coming forward initially, before rye spices begin to gradually introduce themselves, warmly coating your mouth. At proofs between 114.6 - 125.4, there's an intensity that is exceptionally balanced by some of the sweet vanilla and caramel notes you initially pick up on the nose.

FINISH: A long balanced finish that continues to develop between each taste. As the cask strength begins to wane, you'll continue to pick up baking spices and hints of black cherries and cacao, layered between subtle notes of oak and vanilla.